Mouse Behavior Unit

The Mouse Behavior Unit (MBU) pursues two overarching aims:

1) To answer fundamental scientific questions about the validity of animal models and potential behavioral resilience mechanisms. Here, the MBU will significantly contribute to the development and further validation of murine experimental approaches to study the neurobiological mechanisms underlying resilience. To this end, we will exploit appropriate and well-established models of stress, and will critically evaluate and further develop other available murine approaches to study mechanisms of resilience.

2) To maintain a service facility for other projects of the DRZ, providing valid, standardized animal models of resilience and state-of-the art behavioral analyses. This will facilitate research on neurobiological resilience mechanisms and promote the harmonization and coherence of animal research within the DRZ, enabling optimal integration of data across projects.

Further information about projects and staff of the MBU can be found here.

Dr. Konstantin Radyushkin
Johannes Gutenberg University
Hanns-Dieter-Hüsch-Weg 19
55128 Mainz